No not yet! Watch this space! We will begin offering subscription packages soon.

Yes, every now and then we do. Be sure to check our website and social pages for any discounts and coupons on offer

No. You do not need a paid Canva membership. You can get started with a free account. However to gain access to Canva many advanced features, we recommend a Pro account. Good news! Canva pro memberships are only $12.95 and you can get one here..

Canva is the most amazing online design software ever made. However, their templates were never designed to work specifically for churches. Instead of searching for hours through their library as well as having to learn their software we have curated and created content to save you time.

Using Christ Culture you don’t ever have to search through Canva and can just use our premium designs. However, with our premium designs you can quickly and easily update and resize any of the elements in the design for your specific needs.

Our curated categories and designs mean you don’t have spend more than a minute finding what you need for your graphic needs. We curate all of the content as well as we have taken the time to create all of the designs.

If you download our content you don’t have to learn anything. If you want to customize templates Canva takes no more than 5-10 minutes to learn.

We aim to add more than 50-100+ templates every single month in 2021.

No sorry we do not. We do however take on requests for bespoke graphics. Send an email to we’re always happy to help.